My first LUSH experience!

I have never tried a bath bomb before! Firstly, I don’t have a bath, so using lush products is kinda hard. Secondly, I don’t really like taking baths (and I also thought bath bombs are a waste of money. But, two of my really good friends are Lush biggest fans and I get way too many snaps of beautiful coloured bath bombs in their bath. One time, while we were working on uni, they even started watching loads of videos online of bath bombs exploding in the water.

In the end, my friends and Zoella, my favourite female youtuber, made me wanna try one for myself too. So, last week I bought myself a bath bomb: Sex bomb. (


On Sunday I was at my mother’s house, which has a bath! Yeah, I could finally try it myself. Me, never taking a bath, I was too excited and impatient to wait to let the bath fill completely, I went in too quickly and wasn’t fully covered in water.

lush gif

However, putting in the bath bomb in the water for the first time is way too exciting. The bath went completely pink and the smell of it was incredible. This particular bath bomb has a little rose inside it, which is of a different material and stays in his form for a longer period.

First, I had to take some pictures of course. but after this I laid down properly, which is a difficult task in a slippery bath, and started reading. Although, the water wasn’t high enough, I had a really relaxing time in the bath and enjoyed my well spend money.

But I have still one struggle, how do people wash their hair? Do they take a shower after it, which I did, or do they wash it in the bath?

Unfortunately, the bath bombs are kinda pricey. Otherwise, I would have bought a bath in my student house to relax after a busy day.

xx Loes


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