My Clinique collection

Unfortunately, I always had problems with my skin. I don’t only suffer under acne but also neurodermatitis, this means rash but also eczema. The neurodermatitis could get that worse that it was not just itchy but especially painful. So, when I started using makeup, it was very early clear I couldn’t just use every product, especially not drugstore products. I started by buying concealers and powder from our local pharmacy. However, after getting more into makeup, I wanted to try so many different things from cool makeup brands. I always knew, that Clinique is a really good brand for people with problematic skin and the Clinique specialised artists who help you finding the best product in big stores are all so friendly. Most of the time they let me try the product and come back later to actually buy it. With other brands, like mac and Smashbox, I sometimes tried them from a friend or in store as well. But, in the end Clinique is my favourite brand for skin based products, like foundation, concealer and primer.


High Impact Mascara – $17.50

When I started using makeup, I only used mascara. I always got the almost empty tubes from my mom, which were always Clinique ones as well. A while ago, I bought the tube again and used it, but I have to say I like my Chanel Mascara better.

All About Shadow Quad in Smoke and Mirrors – $29

When my skin was at its worst, I had really bad eyelid eczema. And every cheap brand would make it worse. So, I bought this really cute eyeshadow palette to still make a nice smoky eye makeup look.


Chubby Stick in Mega Melon – $17

One of my first lip products was a chubby stick. I loved the concept of them and especially this colour was so lovely.

Superbalanced Makup in Alabaster – $25

Finding the perfect foundation was a really hard task for me. Not only my skin problems made it harder, but also my skin type is the easiest. I have a REALLY light skin with a little pink and most colours are either too orange or too dark. But after trying this particular foundation and having it on for a day, I went back the next day and immediately bought it. I have some freckles on my face and I like a more natural look. So, I didn’t want a really thick foundation, instead a lighter one. This one is the perfect match for me.


Almost Powder Makeup in Fair – $28

The best power I ever used is also a Clinique one. The colour fits perfectly for my skin colour and I also like the coverage of it. Unfortunately, they changed the packaging. I loved the shape and especially the fact it had a little brush inside.


Liquid Facial Soap in Dry Combination Skin

To prevent my skin to get more acne and/or rash I clean it every night with this wonder product. I love the consistence of it and the fresh feeling after it. Most other cleanser kinda hurt on my skin, except for this one. I absolutely love it and use it every day!


Superprimer Face Primers in Universal Face Primer – $28

After using a KIKO Primer, I wanted to buy a better one for my skin. The KIKO Primer helped preventing my makeup to go off quickly, but I always had some more pimples after using it. So, I only used it when I really needed it. After trying the Clinique Primer for the first time, I not only loved the way that my makeup stayed on for a longer time, but especially the feeling of my skin after applying it. I always have the feeling that my Primer is like a protecting coat for my skin underneath my makeup. I love it and use it every day.


Line Smoothing Concealer in Moderately Fair – $18.50

I always used a concealer from the pharmacy, but I really wanted to try a new one. So, I bought this one because I like the tube with the applicator. The coverage of it is amazing! Unfortunately, they don’t have too much shades of it and the one I got is a little orangey, but after applying my powder, it is fine.

Because of my skin problems, I can’t buy every product I want, unfortunately they are most of the time expensive. But in my opinion, I prefer buying the more expensive ones and don’t have a bad skin the day after, than the other way around. That is why Clinique is my favourite brand for skin related products, like foundation, concealer and powder. For other things like lip products and eyeshadows etc. I tend to buy other brands, like Mac, Smashbox or Colourpop.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope I could help anyone out there with a problematic skin.

xx Loes


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