Travel essentials

Last week I visited my dad in Austria. This means I was on a plane and I got an idea to make a post about travel essentials I never forget to take with me.

First of all, it’s important to wear comfy clothes. Preferable, long jeans with a shirt. It gets cold on a plane, so long pants are a must. You should also always bring a sweater or something like that. I brought this bomber jacket with me, because it’s not only comfy and warm, but also a nice jacket to wear on my trip.


Also, don’t forget to bring a big bag. I like a backpack most, because it’s handier than a bag hanging from your shoulder.



But probably the most important things you need are passport and ticket. I prefer a mobile ticket, so I can just show my phone instead of a piece of paper. The app wallet on iPhone is the perfect way to store your ticket on. It shows up on your screen a couple of hours before boarding. This way you can access it always very easily without entering your passport and opening the photos app.


Having your phone on you is probably normal for everyone. However, bringing your charger and even bringing a portable battery is very handy. You can always charge your phone on airports and sometimes even on planes and when not you can use your portable battery after listening to too much music. And never forget to bring some headphones. I like to use my urbanism headphones on a plane, because they help to turn off the sounds around you. But my apple headphones are essential as well. I like to use them in the airport, so I can still hear the announcements.

And never forget to bring a book! I love reading on a plane. It’s the only time you won’t get distracted by your phone or social media, because of the lack of connection. And I almost every time over pack and take too many books with me. This time I brought “Maze Runner” (I started reading it for the second time, after reading “The Fever Code”) and a study related book called “The Death And Life Of Great American Cities” by Jane Jacobs.



I also like to bring a cap or snapback to block of people easier while on the plane. It helps to get a nice sleep on the plane.


I hope I could help someone to have a nicer flight experience the next time. Maybe it’s even your first time and I could help make it a little easier and less stressful.


xx Loes


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