Good Charlotte Concert

On Saturday I went to the Good Charlotte concert in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The best thing about this concert was is that they had 4 supporting acts. It was like a little festival in my opinion! One of them State Champs, whose concert in February was one of the best concerts ever. My friend and I went crazy while they were on.

We didn’t know the first band, Mallory Knox, so our plan was to arrive while they were playing. But we were a little earlier than expected and that’s why we could hear many more songs by them than expected. In the end, I really liked their music and I will definitely listen more often to them from now on (I already did yesterday).


The next supporting act were Issues. My friend liked them and I must say “Mad at myself” is a really good and catchy song, but overall are there songs too screamy, which I’m not a fan of.


Next on were State Champs, which we couldn’t await. I love this band and we went crazy while they were on. The last song being “Secrets” made my day already better.


While the other supporting acts were, on there was a group of many really small girls in the first row. However, these girls were really boring and most of the time on their phone instead of listening. It’s okay if you don’t like the supporting acts, but please wait a little farther back and give us the moment to go wild instead of looking at us angry because we were touching them while jumping. So, when Sleeping with Sirens came on we expected them to go wild. Although, this still didn’t quite happen. Sleeping with Sirens was okay, but it wasn’t really good. My friend and I always looked really shocked at each other when the lead singer started singing because of his high voice.


And then, Good Charlotte came finally on. The crowd was crazy, so I got separated from my friend. However, I really like GC so I didn’t want to go further back, where she was standing because she wasn’t the biggest fan of them. So, I was really close and it was crazy. I loved the light effects and they sang so well live! It was amazing to hear them live. After some time, the stage diving got a little crazy and people fell a little too often to the ground because in the frond the little girls couldn’t handle them too well.


I love live concerts so much, especially small ones. Because all these people around you love the band as much as you and you can go crazy with them. I even saw a really cute guy with a Bring me the Horizon T-shirt, but unfortunately, I was too scared to talk to him.


In the end, I had a really great night with one of my best friends. We even went to McDonalds to get some drinks and an ice cream after. I’m looking forward to my next concert, which will be Blink-182. I love them so much.

xx Loes





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