Lovely trip to Brighton

I am so sorry for being this inactive the last couple of weeks, but uni was hell. And after my last deadline I immediately went on a trip to BRIGHTON with a friend. And after this my free time was filled with working on my yearbook for my sorority. Luckily today we could finally send it to the printer! This post will be about my trip to the lovely city Brighton.

We needed to leave at 2.30 in the morning to catch the train which brought us to the airport. Because of the lack of sleep, I got during my last weeks at uni I was so freaking tired that I fell asleep way too often during the trip. We flew to London and needed to take the train from the airport to Brighton. It took us about 2 hours. Because of the early hour many business men and women took our train as well to London, which made it a little busy.

Arriving at Brighton station, the first thing we did was taking pictures of the station. It’s such a lovely station.


After taking pictures, we were leaving the station and we saw ALFIE AND SEAN?! However, at first, we didn’t even fully comprehend who we were seeing. Not until later, we realized who we just saw. Zoella is one of my favourite Youtubers and I love watching Alfies and Seans vlog. But in the moment, we didn’t quite realize it and didn’t go up to them. Additionally, I don’t really like going up to famous people, because in my opinion they should be able to live a private life and don’t be interrupted by strangers all the time.

Our next stop was our hostel to drop our luggage. We booked the flight and the hostel through It’s an incredible website to book both together for a low price!

We then went to a supermarket and got some lunch to eat at the beach. I FREAKING LOVE THE BEACH IN BRIGHTON. Usually I don’t like it because of the sand and stuff. However, the Brighton one is with stones. This means it’s no problem to walk on it with your shoes on or sit without getting sand in your pants.

Later, we went to explore the city and the shops. It’s a really lovely city and we found so many lovely streets and shops. One of them being the ‘Duck House’. I bought one for my mom, because she loves gummy ducks! We spent most of the time during the trip on the beach or wandering through the streets.

Brighton pier being Brightons landmark, couldn’t be left out. After we had our dinner at Nando’s (my first time eating there) we went on it and enjoyed the view.

We couldn’t visit Brighton and don’t try a ‘Dum Dum Doughnut’. So, that’s what I’m doing in this picture. I am really glad we don’t have one ourselves. Otherwise I would eat way too many.


I had a wonderful trip to this lovely city and enjoyed my time with my friend. I would recommend visiting it to everyone!


xx Loes


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