The Maze Runner Series

I am a big fan of dystopian novels. That’s why I started reading the Maze Runner Series some years ago. I loved the books. The decisions Thomas took felt understandable and not complete dumb, which often happens to make a good book and an incredible hero. I remember I didn’t quite like Brenda in the beginning (The Scorch Trials), but later on she got more likeable. Newt was one of my absolute favourite characters! I love that kid. And of course, the plot is incredible. All the big things and the little things James Dashner thought about and wrote about are amazing. It amazes me every time how people can have such an imagination without any help.

I watched the Maze Runner movie with a friend of mine and was a little disappointed about the changes they made. Especially the escape, however in the end I liked the movie. One of the reasons probably was, that Thomas was played by my favourite actor: Dylan O’Brien. Additionally, Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Newt) got one of my favourite actors as well after watching.

Last year when the Scorch Trials movie came out, I was really excited to see that one as well. So, I went with a group of friends. I can’t really remember much about it, but I was a little disturbed about the changes they made in the movie.

(SPOILER ALERT) However, I started reading the books again the last couple of weeks, after buying and reading the Fever Code. I loved reading them again after learning about so many new things at WICKED. After rereading the first book I watched the first movie and still liked it. Except for the changes, they made about the escape. And finally, after reading the second book, Scorch Trials, I watched that movie again and I was sooo disappointed. Why did they change so much?? Already the first part of the movie was disappointing. The fact that they talked about more mazes than A and B being one reason. Secondly, I can’t imagine why they would replace the part where the boys are alone, see dead bodies hanging from the ceiling, meet Aris, almost starve to death and meet Rat man in his white suit behind the wall. But most importantly I don’t understand why they changed the reason behind the adventure trough the scorch? In the books, it’s all about the second phase and them getting to the save heaven for a cure from WICKED, but in the movie, it’s really unclear and more about an escape from WICKED. And of course, the cranks. Why did they make them look like Zombies?? They aren’t Zombies, they are humans who went completely mad. Additionally, I really dislike Brenda in the movie. However, loved and adored her in the books while reading for the second time. And finally, the betrayal from Teresa isn’t quite clear and that big in the movie than in the books. And I think for the later parts of the series its important to understand why Thomas doesn’t trust her anymore. In the end, I just dislike this movie as part of the Maze Runner Series. In my opinion, it’s just another zombie movie.

After this I read the Death Cure and I’m really curious about the movie. I’m hoping it will be much better than the last one. I just want to say one thing about the ending. I think it’s kind of an easy way out to kill Teresa in the end. Just so the decision for Thomas is easier. I would have loved to read more about Thomas’ love story and his decision between the two girls. And I kinda want to hear about the memories Teresa got back and the reason why she went against WICKED. Because after reading Fever Code I got the feeling that Teresa will be with WICKED at all times.

The first time I read the Kill Code, I was really disoriented about the plot. I was expecting to read more about Thomas and didn’t quite understand it in the beginning until later. This time I knew what It was about, so I liked it much more and read it in a shorter time, instead of with many periods between it.

I didn’t read the Fever Code again, because I just read it some weeks ago. However, I enjoyed reading the books again after this one, because of all the things I had learned about Thomas, Teresa and WICKED. I even think it’s funny to know that Sonya (The Scorch Trials) is Newt’s sister.

In the end, I really enjoyed reading the books and I love the detailing about everything Dashner thought about. However, the movies aren’t my favourite.

Thank you for reading this long rant about the Maze Runner series!

xx Loes


The books:
The Maze Runner
The Scorch Trials
The Death Cure
The Kill Order
The Fever Code


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