Typical Austrian Apfelstrudel

Today I am going to show you a really easy recipe for a typical Austrian Apfelstrudel. I love this recipe for an easy and fast dessert.

What you need:
1 roll puff pastry
3 apples
1 egg


First you will need to preheat the oven to 200 C. Then start removing the skin of the apples and cut them in little pieces. Put these in a bowl.


Then add the raisins, the honey and the cinnamon. Start by adding a little and after trying, add more if needed. I don’t have exact measurements for the ingredients. The mix should look like this:

In my country, you can buy a roll of puff pastry. If it’s not available in your country you may have to make an own mixture. Put a baking paper on a baking sheet. Start by unrolling the puff pastry on the sheet. Then pull the apple mixture on it, like its seen on the picture. Now close the puff pastry, seen on the other pictures. With the puff pastry roll there always comes a baking sheet with it. Use this to flip it over.

Now crack an egg open and mix it. Put this on the strudel and make holes with a fork in the puff pastry.


Put it in the oven and let it bake for half an hour.

When the baking is done, get it out and let it cool down.




xx Loes


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