Hello, I’m Loes.

Welcome to my blog. My name is Loes, I’m 21 years old and currently studying architecture. My name is pronounced like Luce, just so you know.

I think I can say about myself that I’m a creative person. I have so many ideas, I want to try and create. So, I thought “Why not make a blog and posts about the things?” My study is stressful and having some free time is rare. So, I really want to use this free time wisely by doing stuff I like to do or try and talk about it. Another reason, why I want to write about these things, is to improve my English. My current plan for the future is to move to an English speaking country and working there as an architect.

Two things that I enjoyed my whole life are being creative with my hands – this means making DIYs and drawing stuff (or making models for my study) – and of course baking! I dream about owning a blue Kitchen Aid in a modern grey/ white kitchen when I’m older. My little stepsister even told everyone to get me one for my birthday without knowing the price of one.

Since I started studying I got more into make-up and lifestyle stuff. I enjoy trying new make-up brands and products. Music is another really big part in my life. I enjoy going to concerts.

I’m looking forward to create some content for this page and hopefully getting some readers.

xx Loes


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